Richard Calle

Despite the Paston’s newfound prominence, scandal was never far away, and in 1469, the Paston’s bailiff, Richard Calle, responsible for managing the family’s finances, was discovered to have embarked upon a passionate love affair with John II’s sister Margery. Not only was this a blow to the family’s aim of making a profitable marriage for Margery, Calle was descended from a family of shopkeepers, which horrified her mothers and brothers.

The further discovery of clandestine vows between Margery and Richard added further to their dismay, and Richard was dismissed from the Paston’s employment, but not before he was able to take possession of certain documents that were crucial to the Paston’s income.

Following a ruling by the Bishop’s Court in Norwich that the ‘marriage’ between Margery and Richard was valid, the Pastons realised that they needed not only the documents that Calle held, but also his financial acumen.

Margaret and Richard were reunited, and he was his status as bailiff reinstated, although he was never accepted by the family despite his loyal service to them.