John III

1444 – 1513

Son of John I, and younger brother to John II, John III was another pawn in his parents desire to extend their influence and importance.

Sent to be a page in the household of the Duchess of Norfolk, he was therefore privy to certain gossip and information he dutifully passed back to his parents to further their interests. John III, like his elder brother, also fought in the Wars of the Roses, changing sides for expediency, a gamble which paid off when Henry VII came to the throne in 1485.

As second son, John III was not expected to inherit, and would have to make his own fortune. However, when John II died childless in 1479 (but for one illegitimate daughter), John III inherited from him, and through his marriage to Margery Brews in 1477, created the next generation of Pastons.